July 11, 2008

Baidu translation

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Baidu has launched a free translation services ( It is reported that Baidu currently provides translation services in the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom and the words in the translation function for a maximum of 1,000 Chinese characters support the lengthy translation services, which is Chinese The first areas to provide free thousands of words of translation services.

Baidu related official said, was launched this service is to meet the needs of Chinese users, domestic users access to information much easier. As the world’s largest, covering more than 90 percent of Chinese people’s search engine, Baidu accepted hundreds of millions every day The enquiry service, which is the large number of keywords people are not familiar with the English. In addition, through the user’s research found that people in the English translation for a greater demand.

It is understood that Baidu Baidu, the predecessor of translation services from as early as 2004 on Zhengshishangxian, this service is translated Code-Baidu and the launch of the Dr.eye. The first time in four years, Baidu and again leading the field of translation service providers cooperation , For the majority of Internet users bring the best quality translation services. Baidu relevant responsible person revealed, as with all the parties to further strengthen cooperation in the future Baidu translation services will also support more languages and provide optimum and most accurate translation results .


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